How to hide chat and Profile Picture(DP) on WhatsApp

Chatting is the synonym of messaging by which people communicate with each other. WhatsApp is an instant messaging and communication-based app.

It is an online environment where both parties can chat, make calls in the form of voice or video and share the data and information with one another. Sometimes, some chats are confidential and personal. Now you make your personal chat hide from the family members who are in touch with your phone, you need to follow some of the Websites or apps that can hide your WhatsApp chat and apply a lock on it.

This key sometimes works as the best privacy control on WhatsApp. It’s not possible to apply this feature on your public account, you need to follow some of the private protocols to restrict your chat and profile photo from some of the particular sections or users. 

Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture(DP)

To hide WhatsApp DP Profile picture is the identification of the user by applying the picture on our account – follow the mechanism

My Contacts /My Contacts except…..: – It is the option that can provide the facility to show your profile picture to specific contacts. This helps you to show your personal pictures that identify you on WhatsApp 

  • Open your WhatsApp app
  • Click on the 3 dots at the top right side
  • Click on the Accounts option
  • Click on the Privacy option
  • Click on the Profile photo option
  • Now, you will display the 4 options:-
    • Everyone
    • My Contacts
    • My contacts except…..
    • Nobody

Choose the option My Contacts that can provide you to hide the Profile photo from the users who are not saved in your contact list.

My Contacts Except is the feature that can help to hide the profile photo from particular users. No need to block the users from your device. You only need to select the particular users and that hides your Profile picture.

Status, About, and Last Seen all have the same options that can give you the facility to hide the contacts and live in a personal zone.

To hide WhatsApp chat

Follow the instructions given below:-

  • Open the WhatsApp app
  • Click on the Contact person chat you want to hide
  • Select the contact person and click on the top achieve icon on the screen
  • This option will help you to hide your contact person from the home chat page
  • You can UN-achieve your chat from the bottom of the page.

Hide WhatsApp chat via a third-party app

ChatLock + is one of the best apps in the store. This can help you to lock your WhatsApp chat with an unknown person. In your Device and WhatsApp settings panel, you will choose any of the locking modes like applying a pattern, finger lock, etc. on your chatting panel.

Hiding doesn’t mean that you block the specific user. It is the feature that can intimate you to all the chatting sections but at your end all are private and no one enters your personal space and verifies the content.

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