Things to do before selling your old smartphone

There are many companies available in the market that provide the latest and most advanced feature-based Smartphones. Whenever a new device is launched it must have the latest technology.

To switch on the latest Smartphones users can sell the previous phones which contain all their personal information. To make your data private from an unauthorized person, it is very important to follow some of the prevention points

Before selling your old smartphone make sure you delete your personal information from all the data resources. 


It is the feature that helps to use your personal saved information for the future. Firstly get the backup and store it in your drive. Users can save the list of contacts and the email resource via this method

Remove Google account

Google account is the basic login account for many social media apps. It is also important to remove the Google account from the Settings and the Gmail app – this helps you to get rid away from all apps that have the same Google account

Remove your SD Cards

SIM card is the personal level number that helps the users to communicate. Make sure that all the memory cards in your device remove away from your device

Use Factory reset

It is a feature that can reboot your device and clean all the corrupted files on your device. It is the mechanism that can help the users to remove all the personal information from the next user. No one is able to get the data information existing in the device and the speed of the device starts working efficiently. 

  • To follow this case you need to follow some steps
  • Open your settings app on your device
  • Click on the General management option
  • Click on the Reset option
  • Click on the Factory Reset option
  • Click on the Reset option
  • Apply your screen lock password if any
  • Click on the delete all option – it can help you to remove all the personal data from your device

Collect the device peripheral

It is also essential that you maintain the mobile original accessories that help the next person to use the device’s original accessories like cable, charger, etc.

Backup your media files – The photos and the videos are the basic needs and the memory of each moment of life. To use your moment lifelong backup the photos and videos from Google Photos that having a cloud-based server


This is the feature under the Setting app that can help the users to encrypt their data. If third-party access wants to view your data on your device they need to apply the password to access them.

Backup is the measure to secure your personal textual, graphical, media files and documentation in digital form. Before selling your old smartphone, delete all the personal reference-related information by following these steps so that you are free from the leakage of personal data.

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