How to Find Your Computer Serial Number (Windows & Mac)

Computer Model and Serial Number is the unique identity number through which you can authenticate your device. It is the number that shows the full detail of the product.

For example – If you borrow any Laptop from XYZ company, then it will give you a specific unique model that consists of the latest features on it. It will give the name of the Company and the Serial number that can demonstrate the status of the PC to make them unique. To upgrade any of the software and hardware you will need to upload the model and serial number.

Most of the time while purchasing the device, Users are unaware of the number. To learn about the serial number in the latest operating system we need to use some methods

To Find the Serial number in Windows 11

Follow the following instructions below:-

  • Open your desktop screen
  • Click on the start option
  • Click on the Search Information option
  • After opening the Search Information window option
  • Choose the System Summary information
  • On the right side of the selected pane, you will be able to find the serial and model number of your device(Laptop or Computer)

PowerShell in Windows 11 – It will also help to find the serial and model number:-

  • Open the PowerShell on the Windows 11 
  • On the PowerShell, type the Command – “Get-CimInstance – ClassName (Class-name of the computer system)
  •  Click on the Enter option
  • The Output Screen display on your screen- will consist of the model and the serial number of the device.
  • On the PowerShell to view the serial number, type the Command – “Get-CimInstance – ClassName (Win_32 bios)”

It will provide you with the model and serial number on your desktop screen.

The serial number on Mac PC

Follow the following instructions as given below

  • Open your Apple device
  • Click on the Apple menu bar option
  • Click on the About This Mac option
  • Now a window display on your screen
  • It will give you the Mac model and serial number on your device screen.

Learning and finding your own specific device model and serial number is quite easy. This model and serial number help when you want to update the hard drive, disc drive, etc. in your system, in that situation you need to upload your model and serial number.

In the latest devices, the Setting option contains the Accounts option which must carry the model and the serial number of your device.

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