How to find your IP address on mac

IP Address is a unique identifier for a device or the host computer on a TCP/IP network. It consists of a 32-bit binary sequence. IP address specifies the format of packets also called datagrams and the addressing scheme.

It is a numerical label that is provided to each device that is connecting with the network that accesses the Internet Protocol for Communication. It works on the two major factors

  • Host devices or the Network connector
  • Addressing the location

Mac devices when connected to the network then address assigned to the network which is called an IP address. There are two types of the IP address as given below:-

  • Local network based describe the internal device IP address 
  • External is based on the network connector which is connecting to the host device

To find the IP address on Mac –

Follow the following steps that are below:

  • Open your Mac System.
  • Click on the Apple icon at the top side of the Screen panel.
  • Click on the System Preferences option – it provides you with all the system and their related services, software, and network connection  
  • Click on the Network option
  • Choose your connection – it is the username that helps to identify your network connection. Most users give a unique name that no one understands who may access the network otherwise automatically the name of the device model is displayed as the name of the network connection.
  • The new page display on your screen- The list of networks that exist near your device is displayed on your device screen with the frequency mark. How much it will consume or work after the connection?
  • Click on Advanced
  • Choose the TCP/IP option at the menu bar – It will help you to move to the page where you get the configuration of the device
  • It will describe the full details of the network configuration – You will get the router, IP address details with the username, and the password you will use to connect the network with the device. Now you will be able to find your IP address on mac.


It will help at the time to find the criminal record access. When any transaction and search is placed on the device it is directly connected to IP address 

If you want any changes in your network administration connect to the service provider with your IP address. It provides your device Backup and also restricts some of the network websites on particular devices in a network.

On the college Campus, IP maintains overall access to each department and easily learns who will access the website illegally. It works as the best privacy key to the network connection.

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