These 5 fitness apps will make you fit and healthy

Hello friends, International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21. On June 21 this year, the fourth International Yoga Day is being celebrated. In the context of this, today we will tell you about some of the smartphones apps that will help you keep fit. If you have decided to keep yourself fit and healthy, then you can fit yourself by using these smartphones. So let’s know about these smartphones fitness apps.

Smartphone Fitness Apps :

Yoga Studio:

If you are interested in doing yoga then yoga studio will help you to get this job done. In this app, there are more than 70 yoga and level of asana, from which those who teach new yoga will be taught yoga from the beginning. As you continuously do yoga, the level of yoga will increase as well and you will reach the level of advance. With the help of this you can teach yoga only at home without putting a yoga class.


Runkeyper is a free smartphone fitness app. With the help of this app, you can monitor your physical activity. These apps use the GPS system so you know how much you have gone in a day. With the help of GPS this app will also tell you about new ways to workout. These apps are designed for those who go to jogging in the morning, who want to monitor their jogging activity.


Sworkit is also a free smartphone fitness app. This app works as a trainer for you. After registering in this app, you can take the training of gym or yoga according to your choice. This app has been ranked number 1 by a US college. In this app you can choose plan from each of the lerners, fitter and stranger.


The Strava Fitness App can also help you keep fit. This is also the Free of Cost fitness app. These apps connect you with athletes from the world, so you can know the secret of their body fitness. With this app you can keep your body fit by taking inspiration from the body fitness of those people.

Couch to 5K:

Couch To 5K App is designed for new fitness beginner. These apps will monitor the speed and speed of your running, which will tell you how much you have gone and how much you run. According to this app, new people should walk for 20-30 minutes and run for three days a week. For this, this app will monitor your running and running speed.

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