How to make a video call on Google Duo

Video calls provide a virtual environment where users throughout the world can communicate. It is the face- to face- communication mode. Google duo is the application launched by Google in 2016. It is a video calling application. 

It is very exciting to use the application. Download and install this application from the Play store. It is the best video calling interface. Google Duo is an efficient, high-quality based app. It must work on Android and iOS-based devices.

Knock – Knock – It is the feature that can provide a live status of the sender to the receiver. It is the most interesting feature that can attract many users to use this platform.

Youngsters and students prefer to use this app that can show the sender a live view while calling. You can enable or disable this feature as per the choice from the setting option.

Way to make a video call on Google Duo –

follow the steps to make a video call on Google Duo between the two users

  • Download and install Google duo on your mobile device via the Google Play store
  • The first screen shows you the agreement key, click on the next option
  • It will give you the confirmation message that asks you for some of the permissions to access.
  • Some of the permissions like access to the voice, video on the app, and screen sharing – you will need to give the Camera and microphone permission
  • Upload the country code – select the country code of the registered mobile number
  • After uploading the country code, type the phone number on it
  • Click on the next button
  • A verification code comes in the form of a message in your registered number
  • Apply the verification code – it is the code that is copied from the message inbox and pasted into it.
  • Now your application will be activated on your mobile device

Start making a video call via Google duo

  • It has a very good user-friendly interface. The front camera video call option displayed on your screen
  • Click on the video call option
  • You can be able to view the list of contact numbers
  • Select the contact person from the list – choose the user with whom you want to communicate with.
  • You can even make a group video call among your friends.
  • Make sure that the selected person also has a member of the Google duo application otherwise it is not possible
  • Whenever you conduct the call, your live video status displays on the receiver phone – the state of the sender when conducting a call view on the receiver device.
  • Before receiving the call, the receiver will be able to view what the sender will do

It is one of the simple applications that are provided by Google.  No one needs to create a link to join the call. Knock-Knock is the best feature that can attract users to use the app.


The main disadvantage of this app is that there is no way to reject the call with a message. Sometimes the Wi-Fi connectivity is low. To view the disadvantages of Google duo is not acceptable for all types of Users. 

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